Migrate to SEO WordPress Plugin from Other Plugins

After few years of using Genesis Framework, I still feel the need to use WordPress SEO plugin, a great SEO plugin by well-known developer, Yoast, instead of usingthe built-in SEO options that comes with Genesis Framework. The built in SEO options in Genesis is awesome, but still lack of few advance features that WordPress SEO plugin has to offer. In this tutorial, I’m going to show exactly how to transfer from one SEO platform to another SEO plugin, or vice versa.

Just so you know, the Genesis SEO options was once audited by Yoast, so it should be very good and adhere to best SEO standard. If you’re still new in SEO or just want to use less plugin in your WordPress site, using the Genesis built-in SEO feature is fine. I’m not going too much details comparing between using built-in SEO options in Genesis or SEO plugin.


To migrate from one SEO plugin to another SEO plugin, or from one framework built-in SEO options to another plugin or vise versa, I recommend using SEO Data Transporter plugin.

This plugin was developed by StudioPress, the people behind Genesis Framework.

1. Install and activate the SEO Data Transporter plugin.

2. Install the new platform you want to transfer to. In my case, I want to transfer to WordPress SEO plugin. So I need to install and activate the WordPress SEO plugin first.

3. Once you’ve activated both plugins, go to Tools > SEO Data Transport.

4. From the settings page, you can choose which platform you want to transfer toand which platform you want to transfer from.

SEO Plugin

5. Here’s the result of the Analysis. Then, simply click the Convert button.

SEO Analaysis

6. Then, the result of the conversion will be presented:

Conversion Results
30 Records were updated
0 Records were ignored

7. You’re done. Make sure to check one of your posts to make sure everything is transferred..

Hooray! Now you can deactivate and delete the SEO Data Transporter plugin since you won’t need it anymore. On the other had, Genesis SEO feature will be deactivate automatically once you install WordPress SEO plugin. If you’re migrating from one plugin to another plugin, make sure the deactivate and remove the old one once done transporting all the SEO data.

This plugin is so simple and easy to use. The plugin currently support all of these platforms:


  • Builder
  • Catalyst
  • Frugal
  • Genesis
  • Headway
  • Hybrid
  • Thesis (1.x & 2.x)
  • WooFramework


  • Add Meta Tags
  • All in One SEO
  • Greg’s High Performance SEO
  • Headspace2
  • Meta SEO Pack
  • Platinum SEO
  • SEO Ultimate
  • WordPress SEO

For more info about the plugin, see the Description or FAQ page of the plugin.


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