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How to Easily Display Team Members in WordPress

team member details

While working for a project for a recent client of mine, I needed to create a custom page to display all team members of the organization, complete with their image, position/role and short descriptions. While I can do all this manually using HTML, it might not be the best solution for non-tech savvy client. As

How to Edit and Reorder Admin Columns Without Coding

edit columns

By default, WordPress will add few admin columns for posts, pages, users, media library and comments. This is quite useful for your quick reference to make sure you’ve insert necessary data such as tags and categories (for posts), date of publish (for pages) and etc. However, some plugins such as WordPress SEO might add new

How to Force WordPress Plugins to Auto-Update

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Today’s article will be a really short one but might be useful to some WordPress users. In WordPress 3.7, WordPress had introduced automatic background updates feature to auto-update minor versions of WordPress core. This feature is enabled by default and users got nothing to do to enable it. Besides for WordPress core, this auto-update feature can also

Boost Customer Loyalty by Using Subscriptio to Sell Subscriptions with WooCommerce


The Subscriptio plug-in is a powerful WordPress tool that can be used to sell subscription products on with WooCommerce. Coupled with the WooCommerce Membership plugin (created by the same developer) it offers a full paid membership site solution. All of the technological wizardry in the world, however, isn’t going to be worth a customer’s time

Easily Add Drag and Drop Page Order Feature in WordPress

change page order

Although WordPress has become the most popular CMS, it’s still not perfect and it will never be. There are lots of things can still be improved. One of those little things is the ability to change page order by drag and drop. Currently, if you want to change the page order, you can specifying the Order number by

Easily do Theme Unit Testing With


One of the most important steps before releasing WordPress themes to public is do a lots of testing as outlined in WordPress Theme Testing Process. One of the steps mentioned is to do Theme Unit Test. A unit testing is a test to make sure your theme display basic WordPress features correctly. These include but

How to Set Post Expiration Date in WordPress

post expiration

By default, WordPress doesn’t have feature that allows users to set date for post expiration. However, if you’re looking to add this feature to your WordPress site, look no further that Simple Post Expiration plugin. It’s free and can be downloaded from plugin repo. Adding a post expiration date is quite useful if you