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How to Automatically Display Images EXIF Data in WordPress

display exif

If you’re a photoblogger, chances are you want to display EXIF data along with your images. Displaying EXIF data of the image is a way to display a personal note for your future reference on what camera settings did you use to take the pictures. Also, they could be beneficial to other photographers to learn

How to Add Audio Player in WordPress

audio player

Adding an audio player to your WordPress site is dead simple. In today’s tutorial, we’ll show how to embed an audio player on your WordPress site. Here’s how the audio player looks like on the front-end of your site. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add audio player to any post or page

How to Display Images in WordPress Sidebar

display images in sidebar

Adding an image to any posts or pages is really easy in WordPress. To upload image, what you need to do is simply click on Add Media button and upload the image using WordPress Media Uploader. However, how do you display images in WordPress sidebar? In today’s tutorial, we’ll show you two approach to add

How to Allow Membership Registration in BuddyPress


Today’s tutorial is a very basic tutorial for BuddyPress users. For those who haven’t heard of BuddyPress, it’s a WordPress plugin that allows you to setup a social network site on top of your WordPress installation. If you want to setup a social network site for your school, college or a group of people with

How to Add Custom Classes to First and Last Items in WordPress Menu

custom classes

While designing Concise theme, we wanted to be able to target the last item in the menu to allow us to style the menu as what we wanted it to be. However, there’s no default specific CSS class available to target the menu. Although we can use pseudo :last-child and :first-child class, there might be

How to Moderate BuddyPress Membership Registration

BP Registration Options

Previously we’ve written a tutorial on how to moderate user registration [link] for standard WordPress installation. However, if you’re using BuddyPress plugin, you might want the same feature to allow you to moderate your site membership registraion. Enter BP Registraion Option plugin. This plugin is available for download from plugin repo and helps you

How to Display Avatar in Circular in WordPress

display avatar in circular

In today’s tutorial, we’d like to show you a basic tutorial on designing your avatar on your site to display them in circular. You probably have noticed a trend of circular avatar like this: It’s really easy to do so, thanks to the new CSS3 property, border-radius. To make it circular, you may add border-radius: