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How to Add Smooth Jump Scroll to Internal Link in WordPress

In today’s tutorial, we’d like to show you how to add a jump to internal link on the same page in WordPress. It’s very basic and easy to follow. First, you need to add a hashtag # to the link, something like this: <a href=”#link-1″>Link 1</a> Then, to link it to another section, simply add

Easily Add Dashicons Icon Font to Genesis Framework Meta

Icon Font is a great ‘tool’ to help designers add awesome icons to their website and we love them too. In fact, we’ve written numerous articles on how to add different set of Icon Fonts to any WordPress site. Here are some of them: How to Use Octicons Icon Font in WordPress How to Load Genericons

Easily Moderate Comments in WordPress with Moderator Role

Moderating comments in large WordPress site takes a lot of time. There’s no surprise that large site like Copyblogger decided to remove their comments section since most of the comments leave by the users are simply useless and add no value to the article. However, there’s an alternative. You could point someone to take in

Easily Add Google Maps to Your WordPress Site

Google Maps is no doubt one of great applications developed by Google. It’s one of the apps that I frequently use and it’s totally free of charge. Many business sites also choose to embed Google Maps to display location of their office, which could be useful so their clients can easily find them. Previously, we’ve written

Easily Add Custom Logo to Genesis Framework Child Theme

If you’re using Genesis Framework and would like to use a custom header on your Genesis Child Theme, you probably will have a hard time trying to get it display perfectly on your site. It’s not just as easy as you might think. If you’ve seen demo of our latest Genesis Child Theme, Photog, you

Introducing Muse Theme

Last week, we released our first ever Genesis Framework child theme called Personify. The feedback we got so far is very good. Today, we’d like to introduce our second theme, Muse. Muse is a photography theme specially built for Genesis Framework. Muse is mobile responsive and looks beautiful on all screen sizes, be it on

How to Display Address With The Right Markup in WordPress

Schema markup has been out there for a while, although many webmasters are still not aware of it or just don’t care about it. It allows us to easily markup our HTML pages with the right structure. Here’s what you can read from site: This site provides a collection of schemas that webmasters can use