When it comes to WordPress plug-ins, there are definitely those that stand out against the rest.

Developers have taken it upon themselves to create some amazing plug-ins for WP users that make creating, managing, and marketing a WP site a million times easier.

But which plug-ins should you trust with your sexy dating app or site? Which ones are the cream of the crop? Well, I’ve compiled a short list of amazing plug-ins that will take your WP site to the next level.

Everest Forms

Whether you’re running a blog a professional site for a business, you need to have a contact page. You want your audience to be able to contact you whether it be for ideas and guest posts, or because they might need to troubleshoot while using your product.

This plug-in allows you to create unlimited contact forms! You can create something as simple as an email contact form or add on checkboxes and other fields easily!


Of course, you want your site to reach above and beyond your expectations, which is why you need a jetpack!

The masterminds created this plugin behind WordPress itself and helped take care of a multitude of things having to do with your site. It protects against online attacks from hackers, helps with building an attractive appearance for your site, as well as promoting it on search engines!

You can also track your audience engagement as well as if your site is responsive. This plug-in will send you an email if it finds that your site is down for any reason!


Spam is any webmaster’s nightmare. So the last thing you need on your plate is a ton of spam you have to deal with. With Akismet – another plug-in developed by those at WordPress – any comment left on your site is run through a program that identifies it as spam or legitimate comment. You can also remove any links you find suspicious!

User Registration

Another important feature you may benefit from is User Registration. Sure, you could go with a simple registration that only asks for a user’s name or a username followed up with an email address, but that doesn’t give you very much information on a person, now does it?

Instead, this User Registration plug-in allows you to choose what information you want from your users in the form through a simple drag-and-drop interface!


If you want to sell anything through your site, you may want to include some store! With WooCommerce, you can easily put things up for sale on your site.

This site allows for you to choose plenty of options when it comes to shipping and also allows you to choose different payment methods for your customers (PayPal included)!

You can also sell anything through this plug-in, literally anything from physical products to software packages to services!


One of the most vital parts of a website is the design and images. Images help grab your audience’s attention and keep it there! However, images can drag down your page loading time if you’re not careful.

WPSmush helps smush down your images to a smaller file size so that they don’t take up too much room without reducing the quality of the image!