Most people think that open-source software isn’t as good as the homemade stuff, and in most cases, they would be right. However, when it comes to WordPress – they couldn’t be more wrong.

Plenty of popular sites use WordPress over their own software, and for a good reason. Not only is it easier to make changes, but it makes training web design employees incredibly easy. Now then, let’s explore the top 5 biggest WordPress sites!

BBC America

BBC America is a website dedicated to the American branch of the British Broadcasting Channel. The main difference being that the American version received no funding from the British government for programming – they get that from the American viewers that are willing to pay for it.

Its shows are pretty sub-par, but they’ve got a decent fan-base, so there might be something there. No matter how you feel about BBC America, there’s no doubt that their website is functioning perfectly.

The design is quite classic of most WordPress templates. You can tell by the way the information is organized in large rows, rather than columns. Another way to tell is by the void of sidebars. You should check it out!


xPost, the adult snapchat and instagram alternative has used WordPress beautifully to create rich content in the casual and sexy selfie market. Although the startup uses several other platforms such as react native to deliver their adult stories experience globally, WordPress was picked for their front end marketing website, essentially because it’s hands-down the best way to publish content on web.

Since the adult industry has arguably led the bleeding-edge of tech since the early nineties, it’s a significant compliment that they chose WordPress for their site.


Variety is one of the many titans that use WordPress to display their product every day. I mean, it’s one thing to create a site with WordPress that’s designed to advertise a product or place of business, but it’s totally a thing when your product IS the website.

It’s this kind of faith in the creative software that shows how impressive of a product WordPress templates really are. On the other hand, though, the site is a little finicky. It’s not completely broken or anything, but it’s not working quite as smoothly as some of the other WordPress sites.

The ads will sometimes cause the page to distort in bizarre ways, and the sidebar tools don’t help much at all. Other than that, Variety is a wonderfully built site that keeps thousands of people informed and entertained every day.


Bloomberg, a company dedicated entirely to financial, software, and date. So I’m a little confused by their choice to purchase a website template instead of building their own, but what do I know?

Bloomberg uses a fairly interactive template to keep the user engaged in whatever they’re looking at. And to be honest, a lot of these photos displayed on the site are pretty intimating. Mostly graphs and charts, but I could see how an inexperienced customer might be scared of this site.

Anyways, the site is a solid example of a company that trusts WordPress with their product, customers, and image – and some of them are pretty damn popular.