Happy New Year and Welcome To WP Speak!

It’s new year

Hello and happy new year!

Welcome to WPSpeak, a new site dedicated to WordPress news, tutorials, and themes and plugins reviews.

I’ve been using WordPress for almost 4 years. Started as a blogger, I developed my interest as a WordPress developer as I keep searching for knowledge on WordPress. For almost everyday, I always look to create some cool websites and blogs with WordPress, which requires me to learn learn how to tweak and design.

I started learning HTML and CSS before digging in PHP. However, I must say that I also learned C# programming in my university, besides Matlab for Maths.
Why Launch Another WordPress-related blog?

I do admit, there are hundreds of WordPress related websites already existed. However, as one of the most popular CMSes, the number of WordPress users also increase. As WordPress is expanding as a CMS (WordPress started as blogging platform), there a more and more things we can do with WordPress.

Currently there are 22k plugins in WordPress repo and the number is increasing. I hope in WPSpeak, I can show you how great and powerful plugins are, besides sharing some cool snippets that can be used to do some tweaking on your website.

Besides, I’ll share some cool tips about BuddyPress, WordPress Multisite and everything in between.

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WordPress Vulnerability Scanner (WPScan) for Android Released


WPScan, a WordPress Vulnerability Scanner for Android was just released. The app was developed by Alessio Dalla Piazza, an Android hacker and is available to download from the Google Play Store. Besides .htaccess tweaking and security plugin used to secure your WordPress site, I believe WPScan to be another great tool to do basic penetration testing to your own website.

The app will attempt to find known security flaw within WordPress installations. If you prefer to use it on your desktop, you might be interested in the desktop version of the WPScan. The desktop version is great with many advance features. However it is found to be quite slow.

The Android version of WPScan includes user enumeration and will detect timthumb file, theme and WordPress version and notify you. It also come with few other advance features.

The author is also kind enough to release the full source code that is available from Github. For those interested in the Android version, don’t forget to download it from Google Play.

via The Hacker News

Update: Please note that the Android version of the WPScan is not the official app by WPScan.