WordPress is regarded as one of the best things to have happened to those trying to host their own site. While there are other hosting sites (namely sites like Squarespace) that promise that you’ll be able to create a beautiful and functional site on their platform, WordPress still remains king in many people’s eyes.

When it comes down to it, WordPress is a place where you have much more creative freedom than other sites. Sure, you might find it easier to host a store through other hosting platforms… but when it comes to freedom and ease of use WP is still the reigning champ.

If you’re still working on making your site the best it can be, please continue to read on. Here are my essential tips for mastering WP:

  1. Make sure your sidebar isn’t cluttered
    For those who don’t really know how to use WordPress, you probably haven’t given thought to your sidebar or menu. Odds are your sidebar is probably cluttered with completely unnecessary widgets.
    Make sure you go into the appearance tab to adjust your widgets and make sure that your sidebar only contains what’s important. Additionally, make sure that you have a menu set up. You can either make it index all your posts or only go to pages that are important. I suggest doing whatever makes your site look more streamlined.
  2. Don’t neglect your Footer
    While your footer may be the last thing you want to think about as it’s on the bottom, you should really use your footer to the best of its abilities. The footer is where people go when they don’t know how to best navigate your site. Sure, you want your site to be effective, however, if someone is looking to contact you or read your privacy policy odds are they’re going to scroll to the bottom.
    Put all your important links at the bottom as well as your sidebar
  3. Make sure your Permalinks are in order
    If you actually want to be indexed Google, you’re going to want to make sure that your permalinks aren’t all over the place. I recommend using the “post name” option if our post names tend to be short and concise. Or you can customize the permalink! I recommend condensing all of your keywords down into three or four words separated by a hyphen.
    For instance, this page would be hyperlinked something like /important-tips-mastering-WordPress if I didn’t use the post name option.

In all, WordPress isn’t hard to figure out if you just work hard enough! Good luck and have fun!