How To Get Notification for WordPress Updates on Email
wordpress updates

If you are a WordPress developer with lots of clients, it’s important to have a great tool to monitor all of the clients’ sites. WordPress core, plugins and themes should be updated immediately once the new version is released. However, how do you know whether there is a newer version of the WordPress, plugin or theme?

Recently I discovered a plugin that will notify you through email whenever there is an update to the WordPress core, plugin or theme.

What you need to do is to install WP Updates Notifier plugin. There are bunch of things you can configure such as the interval of time the plugin will check for new update, set the email where the notifications will be sent to, disable notification message to non-admin user and etc. The plugin is also developer-friendly. It comes with a number of filters and actions to modify the plugin. 

1. Install and activate WP Updates Notifier plugin.

2. Configure the plugin. Go to Settings > WP Updates Notifier.

notify updates

Even if you’re not a developer, I found this plugin to be very useful to get notifications on updates for your own website.

It’s very important to update your WordPress core, plugin and theme as soon as the newer version is released. This is important the new version usually comes with bug fixed, additional features and sometimes fixed security flaw.