How to do Liveblog With WordPress

If you’re a journalist or someone who attend a great event and want to share or broadcast it instantly to your readers, liveblog is one of the great ways to do it. However, with default WordPress system, it isn’t possible.

Introducing Liveblog plugin by Automattic.

Here’s a demo video about the Liveblog plugin.

At first, the plugin was developed for clients at WordPress VIP. However, Automattic decided to release it as a plugin. The plugin will allow author to post updates right from the front-end of your site. It will also make adding pictures much easier by adding a drag-and-drop functionality. Moreover, all the updates through this plugin will be served to the readers instantly without needing to refresh the browser.

This Liveblog plugin is completely free. It is good to know that WordPress already has this kind of functionality with the use of additional plugin. The plugin might not need to be activated all the time, if you do not use it, you can simply deactivate it.

Note: There is difference between live blogging and mobile blogging. If you wish to blog from your mobile phone there are few mobile apps for WordPress for various mobile platform.